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Why Is Tire Pressure So Important?

When you think of tire maintenance, one of the first things that should pop in your head is tire pressure. Tire pressure checks are one of the simplest, yet effective, ways to keep your tires in good shape. And the best part is, you can do it by yourself without relying on your trusted mechanic. 

Why Is Tire Pressure So Important?

Properly filled are a must to protect your safety on the road. When you maintain the right tire pressure, typically measured in PSI or pounds per square inch, your vehicle is able to make proper surface contact with the road. Most tires are inflated between 30-35 psi, but you should always refer to your manufacturer’s owner’s handbook to be sure. You can find your vehicle’s recommended tire pressure on the driver’s door jamb sticker too. 

Tire pressure is so important because improper tire pressure can put you or your car at risk of a tire blowout when it is overly inflated. When your tires are under inflated, they will wear down prematurely and cost you a new set of tires. So getting the psi just right is ideal to make sure your tires last you a long time and keep you safe.

How to Check Tire Pressure

Being able to do this process from start to finish is a skill that every driver should have. To monitor your tire pressure, you’ll need a tire pressure gauge and a pair of gloves. A good rule of thumb is to always check the pressure when it is coldest, which is typically in the morning. This will make sure the readings are accurate.

To start, you will need to remove the valve stem cap and insert the gauge into the valve stem. If the gauge reading is higher than it should, let out some air in your tires until it reaches the recommended psi range. If the gauge reading is lower than it should be, you will need to use an air compressor or an air pumping station to correct the discrepancy.

If your tires continue to fall out of its pressure range, you may have a bigger problem on your hands. Need help with tires? We invite you to bring your vehicle to Gowen’s Automotive Repairs.

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