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What Kind of Maintenance Does My Car Need in the Fall

Autumn is essentially a pre-game to the freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall of the winter. As the temperature begins to drop again, you'll see increased wear and tear on your vehicle. While you may not be contemplating this in the remaining heat of September, now is the perfect time to schedule a fall visit to your local auto repair shop. Instead of experiencing a car failure on the road when the winter weather arrives, your car will be in optimal driving condition to get you through the brisk autumn and into the holidays. At Gowen's Automotive Repairs, we can handle these four fall maintenance necessities for your vehicle:

  • Battery Check. Harsh fall/winter weather can be just as tough on a car battery as the summer months. A battery may be functioning fine in the late summer and early fall but may falter when the temperatures drop this winter. Please have a trusted tech check the battery connections to ensure they're secure, clean, and free of corrosion. You should always follow the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations on when to exchange your battery.
  • Examine Tires for Wear. There is no season when poor tire tread becomes more evident than when driving on wet or icy, slippery roads. Tires with worn tread can be operative on dry roads but can wreak havoc in the winter. For everyone's safety, please have your tires inspected in the fall and replace them if needed.
  • Brake Inspection. It's without a doubt that brake checks are essential every season, but it's imperative during the cold months. To be safe, make sure your brakes are performing optimally.
  • Inspect Wiper Blades, Defrosters, and Heating System. Not only is checking your car's heating, venting, and cooling (HVAC) system essential for ride comfort, but it's vital for your safety too. You'll depend on it for defrosting and visibility in the chillier months. You'll also want to verify whether your wiper blades are still in good condition after the summer. Ensure the blade edges are not cracked, torn, or leave streaks across your windshield. 

Our expert team at your Gowen's Automotive Repairs is ready to help you service your vehicle this fall and keep you safely on the road through the chilly and cold seasons. Please give us a call or visit today!

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