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What Does the Color of a Fluid Leak Mean?

We all panic whenever we see puddling near our vehicles. How do you know what type of fluid it is? And how do you determine if it's a dangerous leak or not? Here is our vehicle fluid guide to determine what's leaking from your automobile by the color of the fluid.



Red fluid usually indicates you've got a leak in your transmission or power steering system. This problem could result from a defective transmission seal or a hole in the return line that supports the fluid between systems.



Various problems will cause an orange puddle. If rust develops in your radiator, this can cause an antifreeze leak or make condensation appear orange. Transmission fluid can also appear orange, depending on its age.



A yellow fluid leak is typically a radiator coolant issue. This problem could be the outcome of a loose hose clamp or broken o-ring. Check your owner's manual when determining what type of coolant your vehicle needs. You're more inclined to have a radiator coolant leak when you use the wrong coolant.



A green fluid leak is most related to antifreeze. You can have antifreeze leaks from various areas, including the radiator, water pump, or hoses. 



If you've got blue fluid leaking from your car, it is most likely windshield wiper fluid. Over time, the reservoir and tubes that carry your windshield wiper fluid can deteriorate and cause leakages.



Clear or transparent fluid leaking from your vehicle is usually nothing serious. It's most likely just condensation from your air conditioning system. If you're still concerned, our technicians can do a comprehensive check-up on your A/C system.



Depending on where the leak originates, dark brown fluid leaking could mean several things. As motor oil ages, it becomes a dark brown color. However, brake fluid is also a dark brown color. To be sure of what it may be, consult with an auto repair specialist. 


Unless the liquid is crystal clear, you should never ignore any vehicle leaks. Ignoring an issue like this is more likely going to worsen the problem! Instead, give our trusted technicians a call or stop by Gowen's Automotive Repairs today.

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