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Signs You Need a Wheel Balance


Every car owner has their individual approach and vehicle maintenance methods; some have routine maintenance schedules that they follow religiously, while others may only attend to their car whenever they can get around to it. If car maintenance usually escapes you, it's not too late to break that habit. One of the most overlooked preventive maintenance items is tires. These can become worn quicker than most realize, especially if you drive on rough roads. Over time, wheels can become misaligned or imbalanced. 


If your wheels are in proper working condition, then you should not feel any shakiness in your steering wheel. Usually, when wheels become imbalanced, they affect your tires' wear pattern. You may see uneven wear on one particular side of your tire. When the weight of your vehicle is inconsistent and not balanced, it creates a heavier wear spot on certain parts of your tire and causes your steering wheel to vibrate. If the problem is not tended to for an extended time, you may notice other parts, such as your suspension, going bad too.


Wheel balancing is important for you and your vehicle's safety because it can be more challenging to gain control of the vehicle. As mentioned before, wheel imbalances cause other vehicle components to become worn quicker, racking up your repair expenses. Below are the more common symptoms of wheel imbalances:

  • premature wear of tires and suspension
  • lower fuel economy
  • damaged steering components, including vibrating steering wheel

Preventive automotive care is crucial for any and every car owner to take part in. Vehicle safety lies heavily upon how diligent the car owner is in maintaining the vehicle's various parts. Tire maintenance is more than making sure your tires have enough air; but it also means on-time alignments and balancing. For more information on tire maintenance and wheel balancing, please do not refrain from giving Gowen's Auomotive Repair LLC a call or visit. 

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