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How To Change A Oil Filter

One of the parts in your vehicle that has to be changed regularly is the oil filter. You can either leave it to a mechanic or DIY it. If you choose the second option, you will need to know how it's done. Well, you are in luck because below, you will find a couple of simple steps that will make oil filter changes simple and easy.

1. Gather The Supplies - You will need a new oil filter, jack stands, a jack, and an oil pan (or any kind of container that is for discarding).

2. Park the Car - Secure the vehicle by parking it in the driveway or garage.

3. Locate The Oil Filter - Depending on your vehicle, the oil filter can be either in the engine bay or under the car.

4. Jack Up The Car - Place the jack under the designated lifting spots on either side of your vehicle and raise it.

5. Secure It With A Jack Stand - Once it is off the ground, secure it with a jack stand.

6. Repeat On The Other Side - Repeat steps 4 and 5 on the other side of the vehicle.

7. Unscrew The Drain Plug - Put the oil pan under the drain plug and unscrew it.

8. Remove The Oil Filter - After removing the oil plug, get the oil filter off and inspect its condition.

9. Weird Color - If the oil's color is weird or metal flakes can be spotted, call towing services or a service shop for a proper inspection.

10. Replace The Oil Filter - Get the new oil filter, and don't forget to lubricate the seal with a little bit of oil. Screw it on securely.

11. Remove The Jackstands - Remove the jack stands in the reverse order you put them

12. Replace And Refill Oil - Get a couple of quarts of oil and refill it to the required level on the dipstick.

Pro-Tip: When driving the car with new oil and filter, don't give it too much gas. Start slowly for the first few days - making sure not to stress the engine too much.

Need Help From A Professional?

If you don't want to take on this DIY project and instead prefer a mechanic to do it, visit us at Gowen's Automotive Repairs, and we will help! We also perform other services and maintenance jobs, which can be seen in the "Services" tab above.

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