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How Do I Prepare My Car for the Rainy Season?

As the rainy season approaches, motor vehicle owners get worried about the heavy repair costs they are likely to face courtesy of the damages caused by rains, not only on the vehicles but also on the roads. The rain itself impacts vehicles negatively, and it also damages roads and causes flooding.

To keep your car safe during the rainy season, you need to prepare it earlier enough. Here are the steps you need to take.

1. Check The Tires

Check the quality and the condition of your car tires. You'll need good traction during the rainy season. For optimum gripping capability, your tire treads need to be preserved with regular checks, if possible, every month. If your tires are worn out, it would be better to replace them before the rainy season to prevent accidents.

2. Check Your Car's Brakes

Your life and that of our passengers depend on the functionality of your brakes. Things get worse during the rainy season if your brakes are faulty. Remember that a vehicle takes longer to come to a stop when it's wet than when it's dry.

So you need to have your brakes checked before the onset of the rains. Have an expert check your brake system and replace any component that's worn out.

3. Check The Windshield Wipers

As it rains on your windshield, your visibility will be reduced if the windshield is not wiped. The windshield does just that. For your safety and that of your fellow road users, your windshield wipers should be in perfect working condition.

If your wipers show any signs of streaking or brittleness, it's high time you replaced them.

4. Have Your Headlights Fixed

Just like the windshield, the headlights also affect your visibility. But with headlights, they only come into play mainly at night or during a very foggy day. Having your headlights fixed in good time means a lot while you are on the road.

You'll be able to see clearly during the rainy season, and other road users will also be able to see you. Remember that your headlights need to be on while your windshield wipers are running. That's what the law requires.

Apart from the above, you may also need an anti-rust coating, and also to check your battery, wiring, and leaks. If you need vehicle maintenance, we invite you to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop today!

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