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Can You Drive with the Oil Warning Light On?

The little lights on your dashboard rarely come on, and when they do, it often means there's something wrong. Once the oil light catches your attention, you'll often start wondering how long it has been on and how much of an emergency you've had. It would help if you didn't fret because that's an early warning sign of a problem, not an actual one.
So, why does your oil light come on? Read on to know the possible causes that make the light pop up and whether it's safe to drive with the light on.

Why does the oil light turn on?

A lit oil light often shows low oil pressure in your vehicle or low engine oil levels. Low oil pressure often results from various factors, including oil leaks, dirty oil, or lack of an oil refill. Also, a faulty oil pump or a malfunctioning oil pressure sensor may cause the light to turn on.

Can you drive with the oil light on?

No. You shouldn't drive with the oil light on unless you have an emergency or want to move your car off a busy road or highway. Driving with low oil levels may damage your car's engine, break the motor, or cause overheating. Some of the possible malfunctions may even lead you into an accident.

What are the hazards of running your vehicle on low engine oil?

  • Reduced fuel efficiency
  • Increased friction and engine overheating
  • Increased engine corrosion and rust
  • Poor vehicle performance and possible engine death/knocks

Generally, you have a limited time before the flashing oil light becomes a legitimate vehicle problem. Ideally, you should pull over, stop your vehicle's engine, and thoroughly inspect the oil levels, oil pump, and oil level sensors to determine the cause of the warning light.

Has your oil light been turned off?

If your oil light doesn't turn off even after an oil refill, you haven't found the cause of your vehicle's problem, and it's time to call a professional. You should contact your local repair shop or regular mechanic for expert help.
If you require oil warning light repair, give Gowen's Automotive Repairs a call today.

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