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How Do Engines Work?

Engines are engineering marvels - they consume fuel and air to generate mechanical power. But how exactly do they function? We won't go over every detail, but we will cover the two main types of engines, how they work, and their main differences. Continue reading to learn more!

Diesel Engines

Diesel engines work by mixing air and fuel, then igniting the mixture. This is controlled by valves that get clean, filtered air and fuel from the fuel injection system. Then both are compressed and ignited by the high temperature of the compression process. Then the leftover gasses are exhausted through a valve, and the process is repeated thousands of times per minute.

Gasoline Engines

Gasoline engines are usually seen in modern, performance-oriented cars. This is because the explosion they make is much more powerful than usual. Just like a diesel engine, a gasoline engine starts off by collecting air and then mixing it with fuel in the cylinder. The ignition process happens when the piston is compressed, and a spark is given by the spark plug. This requires precise timing, which makes them a little bit more tedious to maintain. 

How Are They Different From Each Other?

The main difference is in the ignition process. In gasoline engines, it is done by an external source (a spark plug), and in diesel ones, it is self-ignited (due to the high temperature from compression). Diesel engines tend to be more durable because of the lesser components and the need for a strong block - their drawback is a decrease in horsepower. Gasoline engines, on the other hand, produce more power but less torque and need more maintenance. With technology advancing every day, the difference between them is getting more and more obsolete, so when it comes to a winner, there is none.

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